Tumblr audience speaks again in favor of Male Sexualism

from: solosexpenismasturbator:

Fraternity, Modernism, and Sexual Freedom

We are better brothers for not only recognizing our 21st century addiction, but also creating an entire digital community of Men from a variety of ages, races, socio-economic backgrounds, and sexual orientations. We created an online community for a single purpose with a very strong driving Force. So one can wholeheartedly embrace the Penis, have the freedom to take Pride in their bate strokes, and encompassing Pornography as a way of life and not an arousal tool. We, the Bators, the Gooners, the solosexuals, the porn addicts, the chronic masturbation guys; take control of our pleasure. We are free of societies expectations and embrace the imprisonment of chronic masturbation.  We explore the porn content, we know what make our dick move, hell sometimes we wander so deep that it changes our personal concept of Hetero or Homosexuality and just define ourselves as sexual, I am a proud bator and love that I have a modern addiction. In this world of internet porn, we had created a system of chronic bators with different shades of porn addictions but we communicate, share our sexual endeavors, push our physical and mental limits, and indoctrinate that this is your life now. Embrace it….



Your haphazard puritan ideal to “save the children” has done the opposite. It made them ignorant and turned them into criminals.

Age of consent laws and “youth porn” [new term] laws criminalize children. It criminalizes their sexuality and their agency to make decisions on their own. It criminalizes them to make mistakes. Knowing that the average age on the sex offender registry is 14 should give you pause about the so-called angelic nature of asexual minors.

The yapping outrages love to play ignorant on this point that kiddos have sexual thoughts and needs.

But they are not about saving children it is about criminalizing sexual behavior while feeling good and moral.

An adult making out with a youth in a sexual manner is worse than starvation and genocide, and child neglect. They spew this harebrained idiocy as if it were a great thing to say. A male flashing his penis to a kid is going to destroy the child as if that child did not have genitals of their own they could flash back!



Punch a kid. Starve a kid. Neglect a kid. — DISTASTEFUL, WRETCHED, NOT ACCEPTABLE


Instead of keeping kids aware of natural biology and sexual instincts puritan society decided they don’t need nor should have that knowledge anymore. Keep kids ignorant and tell them if they like sex, they were probably raped. (Another myth)

Kid are born sexual ravenous beasts. It’s why they have to be taught to NOT get naked in public and hump the dog. The kiddos are ALL beastly sexual “ID”. They get the sexual rules sorted out real quick by society or their prudish parents.. It’s why even young kids know genitals and sex feelings are too taboo to talk about.

And it’s why the youth seek answers from adults on the internet in chat rooms dying for answers parents and society will not tell them.

Will you help them?

Make anti-pedo puritans lose sleep. Make them freak out thinking everyone is a potential pedophile who is eye-fucking their children in public

RE: Back and forth cultural wars on twitter, mostly against the unBEARABLES clan:

Dear Diary,

Today I learned if you fantasize about having sex with minors, you’ve essentially raped these fictional children and thus you’re a real criminal who deserves to be executed.

This is the current temperature of the madness today. Read the thermometer. Does that sound rational to you? Then maybe YOU SHOULD rethink these anti-male and anti-youth sex laws we question and ridicule.

Just as drug laws were done. Treat them with utter contempt!

The more I hear these anti-pedos/blue knights screech and outrage puritan morality to call basically all interactions with youths as RAPE, the more I starting to hate the word RAPE and realize RAPE must be a fiction itself and thus HAS NO MEANING.

One idiot harpy mom said she goes to all of her son’s sports practices and games to make sure nobody molests them.

One day those kids are gonna fuck the coach behind her back.

One “father” said he is going to have a hard time sleeping now wondering if all of his kids coaches and teachers are secretly pedophiles…



Let them sweat in their stupid fears at night. Let them lose sleep. Let them think they might be pedos themselves.


I love Tumblr

Sometimes you got to let the people speak freely. Take it away…


I think MEN should be PROUD of their PENIS and PROUD to MASTURBATE and TALK ABOUT IT with OTHER MEN.

No longer should it be TABOO to talk about being HORNY. We were taught as boys that your PENIS is something to HIDE and that made us feel shameful about our PENIS. We felt BAD for having ERECTIONS and PLEASURING THEM. NO MORE!!

The PENIS and MASTURBATING are NOT something shameful to hide. Masturbating is not an ADDICTION. It’s a just what men DO. It’s not shameful…it’s BEAUTIFUL…and downright SPIRITUAL. I WORSHIP PENIS!!

MEN also like a lot of PORN. We just DO. We are visually stimulated, which is why PORN is so IMPORTANT to us. Women read romance novels to get aroused, yet no one makes them feel SHAMED for enjoying it!! Don’t let women OR society OR bullshit religions shame you for your LOVE of PORN. PORN IS BEAUTIFUL!! How is the aroused human body something to be shameful about? Nudity is NATURAL…ERECTIONS are NATURAL and it’s OK for MEN to like BOTH. It’s OK to want to SHARE that LOVE with OTHER MEN.



The men have gone to porn and masturbation. It’s where the pride has gone. He was probably giving the salute typing the last paragraph. That’s a turn on.

Is that problem?

The plot thickens.

I Understand Your Psychology and The Shitty Strategy Resulting From It: 5 Points For Your Consideration

Stop chasing your tail and start making them bite theirs instead! Start the purity spiral!

The Daily Antifeminist

The people who criticize me are psychologically guided by one thing: they are afraid of being associated with people who actually abuse children, and so they believe that by bringing up all the relevant issues about the matter, I harm their campaign of dis-association from the actual child-abusers. Here are 5 points that you — the people who criticize me — do not realize:

1. Blue Knights Will Consider You a “Child Abuser” No Matter How Much You Whine About Being a Good Person Full of Love

Youth-attraction activists have been doing the whole “I would never harm a child, I only seek love” thing for at least half a century. Despite the abject failure of this strategy, they are still doing it now. Human stupidity knows no bounds. And what makes me especially upset is that fact that they are still doing it. There are all of these groups…

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Today I un-brainwashed a 10 year old about sex

A young friend (10 years old) who I normally do not discuss sexual topics with showed concern today when I spoke about chatting to a 8 year old.

10 year old boy: Are you gonna say anything bad?

ME: Bad as in…? What do you mean?

10 year old boy: As in about sex stuff.


I could have wept when I read that. Already this 10 year old has been programmed enough to know that sex stuff equals BAD STUFF.

So I corrected his record.

Me: Please do not say that sex stuff is bad stuff. It’s not. Sex is a very cool thing. Who told you sex was bad? Your parents? Your church?

10 year old boy: I don’t know I guess everyone. 

Not long after the both of us drooled over pics of boys and he asked for nudes.

Please go out there, mingle, talk to, and mentor to these people. They are out there asking for help cause their parents aren’t. No one is discussing male sexuality with them in a frank manner.

Do your part.


Make a difference.

Undo the shame!