Notes on Amos Yee vs. Irate Alex: Debunking the fake ‘debunkers’



Irate Alex Denies Pro-Pedophile Facts (Freespeechtube)

Even if you hate Amos Yee, you have to love that dancing sequence to the Zappa  tune!

Overall the response to this individual Irate Alex was a genius move on Amos’s part to debunk the debunkers. Every time someone from the pro-pedo/sex positive side says there are  studies that highlight positive to neutral consensual sex interactions with adults are always seen by the puritan haters as made-up or done under sinister means. Mr. Yee puts a stop to this immediately by reminding people not to discredit the science just because they don’t like what the studies says.

We should remember that a media news story is not science. A 6 yo having a fine enough experience with a naked man is not going to make the news, but the child kidnapping/rape story will. However the latter headline does not speak for everyone and sure does not mean “scientific studies” about sexual interactions between kids and adults.

Amos remarks on these negative stories that if child sexuality is always seen from the clinical lens, it will only be tainted by the paint of survivors of abuse in institutional settings. Sexual stories will only reach these milieus IF there is negative incidents involved. Why would a child be discussing it with psychiatrists/therapists/counselors/social workers unless there was negative interactions or nonconsensual/criminal/neglect activity involved? Again, the good sexual stories and interactions are not likely to make the news. And in this anti-rational environement, who is going to share their story anyway? So Amos’s analogy of only using drug addicts in studies of marijuana use is most on point. This everlasting mythology of all child sex is bad sex can finally get creamed!

His clear delineation between forced child sexual abuse vs. consensual unforced acts was stellar and such a breath of fresh air that we get, even from the most vocal MAPs on Twitter (who usually ignore and distance themselves from this position completely). Even highlighting the positive effects early positive sexual experiences can help one with self esteem and body pride was a nice touch on Sir Yee’s part.

Irate Alex accuses Amos of only wanting to selfishly get his rocks off and to hell with the kids and their health. (Boy how many times have we heard that excuse) Well fuck, did Irate Alex even think about what the kids want? What the kids desire? Their sexual feelings and wants? Of course not.

(Not to mentions some sexual incidents are neutral and have neutral effects. If you don’t believe me, think about sexual experiences as an adult. Naturally not all of your sexual experiences are noteworthy)

Continuing in his final counterpunch to the Irate guy is the knowledge that not all sexual acts need be penetrative. Now according to the anti-MAP sex puritans, all child sex is rape. Yet, if you said you only touched a girl’s boobie or practiced mutual masturbation with a boy well they call that rape too. It’s good Amos stuck with the cold facts and not get stuck in the mire of this language trap but I’m sure it will be addressed in further debates/debunk videos.

So our dear Amos Yee, now cooler and calmer, is getting his groove back and with that wonderful dancing at the start, this is good for all humanity, young and old! We are tired of the sad sacks who beg on the knees for forgiveness from the angry anti-sex mob to accept the MAPs. Finally someone who dance to the beat of the sex-positive spirit is daring to speak out what others are afraid to say.

Afraid because of angry disingenuous haters like Irate Alex who don’t like facts they don’t want to hear.


Time to stop blaming porn for everything wrong with the world and leave the sex-loving youth alone (a response to Yarrow the MAP)

It sparked when Yarrow said this on Twitter:

Children who upload sexual content are usually already being sexually abused.

While I usually do not challenge VirPeds since it’s not like their main line is wrong (attraction is not an action), I did not want this infuriating sex-hating flippant remark about young sexuality to go unchallenged.

Yarrow the MAP challenged me to read articles on how pornography harms children.

(The articles Yarrow the MAP posted to me however did not provide any evidence to defend this flippant comment, for the record.)

This doesn’t really address the bigger issue that even sexual activity between minors is a criminal act.

If a child cannot consent to sexuality activity with others at any age because their prefrontal cortextes are too undeveloped until the age 25, then why did so called enlightened nations stop at 12 and 14 and 16 and 18 (they all can’t seem to agree!) for consent. By that logic, none of us should be having any sex at all until age 25 according to Yarrow. Anyone 25 and under are still going through brain changes. Ignore all sexual feelings, no touching until the body is complete!

Unfortunately this idea that we must keep the kids sexless as much as possible doesn’t seem to be doing us, or more importantly them, any favors. But Yarrow says while sexual education via pornography is bad, sexual education in general, likely in a classroom is good. Well let’s paint a picture of what Yarrow’s worldwide sexual education format looks like based on Yarrow’s tweets:

What Yarrow promotes is that children practice non-sexuality until they are of age to be mentally, physically, and emotionally ready at 18-25 (that age when the prefrontal cortex is finally complete. Because apparently that should be the determiner of when sexual decisions are mature to be made.)

For Yarrow, sure a child (age up to 17) can learn about sex in a classroom. Of course they are free to Masturbate but only alone. ANything else is sex and kids are too stupid for sex. And they can’t masturbate to porn of course. Sure the youth can fantasize about their friends and crushes, and even teachers. However, the youth can’t be too sure what they look like naked since an adult or child exposing their naked body to the youth is basically pornography. Oh and its non-consensual sex abuse to do so cause the youth is too stupid in the head to know any better. Any attempt for the youth to wish to do anything sexual means they have already been poisoned by sexual abuse.

For Yarrow the MAP, sure, fantasize kid, but don’t actually do it. No sex. No sexual contact. Yes, Yarrow demands youth to eek out a monk lifestyle of clean mind and chaste body who faps to no porn image of a sexual body outside of those in a health class textbook (where they make the penis and vagina as boring and bland as possible so no one is aroused). Yarrow wants every minor to fap themselves to non-arousal images in their head only until the ages of 18-25.

The writers of these youth/pornography articles all made the exact same accusations against porn so they will be addressed together in the Lines below but the articles’ conclusions were fascinating since they exposed themselves for what they really hate.

One article’s conclusion: Pediatricians and pediatric healthcare providers should understand the negative impact that widespread use of pornography is having on today’s children and their parents and how they can help stop this destructive influence on the family. (Destructive influence on the family. Where have we heard that before Hmmmmmmmm?)

Another article’s conclusion: We want to protect the innocence and purity of childhood for as long as possible. (Oh really? Gee, I wonder if they like pornography at all!)

Line: Porn is addicting. Children and teens are capable of developing compulsive sexual behaviors, which can lead to sexual addiction

Answer: Video games can be addicting. Television can be addicting. Junk food can be addicting. Sports can be addicting. Anything can be addicting. What are you talking about? Yeah no shit kids and children can develop compulsive sexual behaviors, they are sexual beings!

Line: Porn teaches violence to children

Answer: Porn is no more or less violent than anything else a youth finds themselves doing.

Instead of blaming real life factors such as home environment it blames porn for acting out violence. Remember when we first blamed the Dungeons & Dragons board games for violence. Video games for violence. Heavy metal music for violence that encouraged kids the KILL THE POPE. There is no difference here. How much porn is necessarily violent? How much violent porn have you seen? Did you choke out your mom when you saw a porn actress who consented and was paid to do it? Yes people like seeing some elements of violence in sex. FUCK ME HARDER and SHOVE IT IN ME and DRILL MY ASS can be interpreted as violence I guess. If your argument is adults are smarter because they know the violence isn’t real when watching a movie, then why are the kids dumber? Are you saying no one is telling them that what they are watching isn’t real.

Physical and verbal aggression is a turn on in the sexual realm, let’s not forget this or play stupid about it! It’s not all missionary or softcore saxophone sex that exists. All the shades on the spectrum are out there in digital form, moreso than ever actually. One writer made a great fuss  that the top porn films had a lot of physical and verbal aggression. Yes, cause people fuck like animals! Imagine that!

And even then, its IS NOT A FOREGONE CONCLUSION THAT ALL YOUTH EVER SEE THIS KIND OF PORN OR WATCH IT. And frankly those that do are likely being stimulated by their own internal ancestral DNA forces since sex is a universal human thing!

Is it perhaps the problem because we have a “hands off” approach to porn that instead of adults teaching kids what porn is and showing it to them, the kids have to FIGURE IT OUT ON THEIR OWN.

So which came first? The ignorance or the neglect?

Line: Porn is anti-women. It shows aggression, attitudes, and negative behavior against women.

Response: So when the dominatrix female has her tied the man up, pours hot candle wax on his chest and whips him in the ass, what is that? Ethical porn?

Line: Porn is bad for youth to develop intimate relationships

Response: Intimate relationships start in the home. Why are you blaming porn? Maybe we have bad ideas about relationships and families. If porn ruined your marriage, your marriage must have sucked. If the so called family didn’t bother to teach, show, or tell what intimate relationships are, then that’s on them, not porn. Maybe not most sexual activity involves the boring sensual intimacy of a heterosexual couple?

I already challenged Yarrow on their narrow tunnel vision account of western views of sex. Reminding that sex belongs to all creatures high and low, races of people “modernized” or still ancient as before. That flippant line Yarrow spouted that any child who accesses sex images have been abused already frankly made me want to vomit I was so offended. It reeked of an ignorance that thought it was doing the right thing.

Once again placing blame on the media for kids behavior. Why is watching men blow up buildings, shoot each other in movies, strike heroes and heroines alike, this is ok for the youth?

Pornography has the whole spectrum of sexualities available, amateur and professional. Fat people, old people, young people, ugly people, cute people, hardcore, softcore, edu-taining, fat people, skinny people, average people, all races. Reading these articles betrayed a hatred for pornography. It was as if they needed the excuse of children to throw it under the bus for the populace.


Yarrow says kids aren’t normally supposed to see porn, even though we all know that they do anyway in some form or another. Yet also ignores the fact that society tells them it’s an 18 and over game and they are not invited to the party. ADULTS ONLY ADULTS ONLY.

So duh, of course. But how different would it be if youth were allowed to see it without filters and oversight. What if they made those decision on their own or with guidance if they liked it or not?

With these articles holding such an anti-porn stance it never spoke of any consequences such as LESS STDs if one masturbates to pornography keeping their body free from disease from other people that would come from sexual activity. Of course not.

The anti-sex “save the children” puritans know they are quickly losing ground and quickly losing excuses. Daily the evidence mounts more and more of youth sexually showing themselves off (without an adult being involved) on social media is not causing them to change their tune but ignore it and double down on the myth that kids want nothing to do with sexuality with others or themselves for that matter

Virpeds like Yarrow can and should speak their mind on non-offending bit of their cause but they can and should leave the youth watching porn audience out of it and not make gross accusations about their young sex lives based on nothing.


Should there be ‘responsible pornography’ or pornography curated specifically for youth viewing that only has loving non-violent sexual imagery?

[This article’s side note: Some interpret sex anything at young age as a soul killer. Once the youth has seen it, once they’ve been exposed to a penis, seen a tit, once they see porn, well it’s over. Innocence destroyed. Trauma forever. Victimus eternum. The kid will be lost and unhealthy forever and ever and likely will be a drug addict. Another kid lost to the sex devil.

Yeah, that’s what these people think.]

Male Sexualism and the PORNOSEXUALITY of the future

When asked what’s your orientation or taste, just say you’re a sexualist, a male sexualist, and you like sex. Even if the only sex you like is masturbation. Male sexualists believe the need for sexuality is the same need for oxygen or food. We are against the continuing criminalization of sexuality which affects us all, all ages included.

PORNOSEXUALITY however is another good term.

We must remind ourselves often what gets us off in porn may not the same as what we would do in real life. I personally love watching oily chicks shake their tits around but I’m not particularly interested in touching them myself. What you were not into 3 years ago may be your new fetish 3 years later.

We must promote nudity, partial nudity, open relationships, open marriages, child nudity, tween nudity, teen nudity, sex toys for all, sex shops for all, male nudity, female nudity, polyamorous relationships and marriages, bathhouses, chronic solosexual downshifters, straight couples getting off to gay porn, and gay threesomes getting off to girl titties, etc.




Male Sexualism and Age

Let’s just put the consent bullshit to the side for the moment.

Let’s stick with solely “ATTRACTION” and zero action.

As a male sexualist and one primarily attracted to males, the spectrum of age of males is spectacular. An ageless timeless raceless cornucopia of male worship. Watching raw human bodies  in a locker room with all ages in sight is a sight for those who respond to beauty. Even with horniness aside too, it’s art.

Weeks ago after a swim, I watched a boy who was no more than 9 while changing and admired he had such a large sized penis. A real uncut beauty that demanded transfixing. This kiddo was hung as hell. I’ve seen naked kiddos but not one with this ratio. I thought to myself, of course, who could this news be shared with? To text a friend and speak of the hung 3rd grader in the gym locker room? Even the potential few it could go to, why so secret? An 18 year old is fine? A 14 year old? Illegal. Why? I ask why?

Male Sexualism understands age is not the issue, only a wall to be knocked over. We’ve made it an issue over decades and decades that has snowballed into the hell we’re in today. Puritanism will burn for what it has done but in the meantime you must embrace sex is for everyone. It’s bodies and faces. Bodies and faces. It’s not innocence and informed adulthood.

Understand sexual activity is for everyone who wants it. And you no longer should have the right to make mandates on it.


Tumblr audience speaks again in favor of Male Sexualism

from: solosexpenismasturbator:

Fraternity, Modernism, and Sexual Freedom

We are better brothers for not only recognizing our 21st century addiction, but also creating an entire digital community of Men from a variety of ages, races, socio-economic backgrounds, and sexual orientations. We created an online community for a single purpose with a very strong driving Force. So one can wholeheartedly embrace the Penis, have the freedom to take Pride in their bate strokes, and encompassing Pornography as a way of life and not an arousal tool. We, the Bators, the Gooners, the solosexuals, the porn addicts, the chronic masturbation guys; take control of our pleasure. We are free of societies expectations and embrace the imprisonment of chronic masturbation.  We explore the porn content, we know what make our dick move, hell sometimes we wander so deep that it changes our personal concept of Hetero or Homosexuality and just define ourselves as sexual, I am a proud bator and love that I have a modern addiction. In this world of internet porn, we had created a system of chronic bators with different shades of porn addictions but we communicate, share our sexual endeavors, push our physical and mental limits, and indoctrinate that this is your life now. Embrace it….