I love Tumblr

Sometimes you got to let the people speak freely. Take it away…


I think MEN should be PROUD of their PENIS and PROUD to MASTURBATE and TALK ABOUT IT with OTHER MEN.

No longer should it be TABOO to talk about being HORNY. We were taught as boys that your PENIS is something to HIDE and that made us feel shameful about our PENIS. We felt BAD for having ERECTIONS and PLEASURING THEM. NO MORE!!

The PENIS and MASTURBATING are NOT something shameful to hide. Masturbating is not an ADDICTION. It’s a just what men DO. It’s not shameful…it’s BEAUTIFUL…and downright SPIRITUAL. I WORSHIP PENIS!!

MEN also like a lot of PORN. We just DO. We are visually stimulated, which is why PORN is so IMPORTANT to us. Women read romance novels to get aroused, yet no one makes them feel SHAMED for enjoying it!! Don’t let women OR society OR bullshit religions shame you for your LOVE of PORN. PORN IS BEAUTIFUL!! How is the aroused human body something to be shameful about? Nudity is NATURAL…ERECTIONS are NATURAL and it’s OK for MEN to like BOTH. It’s OK to want to SHARE that LOVE with OTHER MEN.



The men have gone to porn and masturbation. It’s where the pride has gone. He was probably giving the salute typing the last paragraph. That’s a turn on.

Is that problem?

The plot thickens.

5 thoughts on “I love Tumblr

  1. Porn isn’t beautiful, just like it’s not beautiful to see people shitting or pissing. Porn almost destroyed my life, every time I saw porn I felt a void inside me. I have thought about suicide several times because those disgusting images stay in my mind. Now I try every day of my life not to fall into temptation and watch porn, which is an aberration of modern society, is a drug, porn is a drug, simply so.


  2. Chronic masturbation, with or without porn/erotica, has much helped with my self-esteem, self-confidence and addressing the irrational shame my elders gave me. It also helped me not to fear any attraction to men and enjoy those images alongside the women’s. Also, it will undoubtedly extend my lifespan too, with that wonderful flow of blood after an orgasm. If I had the time, and didn’t need to work, I would spend many hours each day masturbating.

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  3. 😀 Another comment! The penis/phallus is a wonderful thing. Even ugly men can have something that looks fantastic and highly arousing. Our ancient ancestors worshipped the penis, from the likes of Ancient Egyptian priests, to the Indus civilisations, across Africa and amongst Celtic druids. After all, sperm mixing with an egg gives us life. Our lives. So sometimes when you masturbate think of it as a spiritual celebration of Mother Nature’s creation.


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