A comedy skit pitch for consideration

A 10 year old in her 4th grade class tells a classmate that she has a crush on their 28 year old hot male teacher. The classmate reports this to the proper school authorities who promptly call the police who arrest the 10 year old girl and place her on the sex offender registry for potential corruption of an adult.

3 thoughts on “A comedy skit pitch for consideration

  1. That kinda reminds me of something not-very-comical that may be the reality in the future, or maybe is already the reality: if you travel to another country to meet with a prostitute, that may be considered “human trafficking” – you have trafficked yourself! That’s the insanity the world is going to.

    Damn, we must keep our sense of humor in place, though. That’s the only way to deal with the situation, currently. Thanks for the post.


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