Tumblr audience speaks again in favor of Male Sexualism

from: solosexpenismasturbator:

Fraternity, Modernism, and Sexual Freedom

We are better brothers for not only recognizing our 21st century addiction, but also creating an entire digital community of Men from a variety of ages, races, socio-economic backgrounds, and sexual orientations. We created an online community for a single purpose with a very strong driving Force. So one can wholeheartedly embrace the Penis, have the freedom to take Pride in their bate strokes, and encompassing Pornography as a way of life and not an arousal tool. We, the Bators, the Gooners, the solosexuals, the porn addicts, the chronic masturbation guys; take control of our pleasure. We are free of societies expectations and embrace the imprisonment of chronic masturbation.  We explore the porn content, we know what make our dick move, hell sometimes we wander so deep that it changes our personal concept of Hetero or Homosexuality and just define ourselves as sexual, I am a proud bator and love that I have a modern addiction. In this world of internet porn, we had created a system of chronic bators with different shades of porn addictions but we communicate, share our sexual endeavors, push our physical and mental limits, and indoctrinate that this is your life now. Embrace it….


6 thoughts on “Tumblr audience speaks again in favor of Male Sexualism

  1. I completely support your community, DJ. There are some central figures in Male Sexualism who are anti-fappers, such as Eivind Berge and Caamib, and I respect them and their positions about this matter. But, personally, I am totally okay with masturbation.


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