Your haphazard puritan ideal to “save the children” has done the opposite. It made them ignorant and turned them into criminals.

Age of consent laws and “youth porn” [new term] laws criminalize children. It criminalizes their sexuality and their agency to make decisions on their own. It criminalizes them to make mistakes. Knowing that the average age on the sex offender registry is 14 should give you pause about the so-called angelic nature of asexual minors.

The yapping outrages love to play ignorant on this point that kiddos have sexual thoughts and needs.

But they are not about saving children it is about criminalizing sexual behavior while feeling good and moral.

An adult making out with a youth in a sexual manner is worse than starvation and genocide, and child neglect. They spew this harebrained idiocy as if it were a great thing to say. A male flashing his penis to a kid is going to destroy the child as if that child did not have genitals of their own they could flash back!



Punch a kid. Starve a kid. Neglect a kid. — DISTASTEFUL, WRETCHED, NOT ACCEPTABLE


Instead of keeping kids aware of natural biology and sexual instincts puritan society decided they don’t need nor should have that knowledge anymore. Keep kids ignorant and tell them if they like sex, they were probably raped. (Another myth)

Kid are born sexual ravenous beasts. It’s why they have to be taught to NOT get naked in public and hump the dog. The kiddos are ALL beastly sexual “ID”. They get the sexual rules sorted out real quick by society or their prudish parents.. It’s why even young kids know genitals and sex feelings are too taboo to talk about.

And it’s why the youth seek answers from adults on the internet in chat rooms dying for answers parents and society will not tell them.

Will you help them?

2 thoughts on “Your haphazard puritan ideal to “save the children” has done the opposite. It made them ignorant and turned them into criminals.

  1. I have written something about that before, but outside of the legal context. I like that more people are calling that out. If it becomes clear that those laws, meant to protect children, are doing the opposite, maybe people with common sense will advocate for their softening or abolishment. That could become a slippery slope to full acceptance.


  2. Protect Children from what? Their own bodies? Their own Human Sexuality ans expression?
    Just more fear, shame and lies is all the internment camps want for you. Keep your eyes down, work, work and pay and spend and die in wars.


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