Male Sexualism and Age

Let’s just put the consent bullshit to the side for the moment.

Let’s stick with solely “ATTRACTION” and zero action.

As a male sexualist and one primarily attracted to males, the spectrum of age of males is spectacular. An ageless timeless raceless cornucopia of male worship. Watching raw human bodies  in a locker room with all ages in sight is a sight for those who respond to beauty. Even with horniness aside too, it’s art.

Weeks ago after a swim, I watched a boy who was no more than 9 while changing and admired he had such a large sized penis. A real uncut beauty that demanded transfixing. This kiddo was hung as hell. I’ve seen naked kiddos but not one with this ratio. I thought to myself, of course, who could this news be shared with? To text a friend and speak of the hung 3rd grader in the gym locker room? Even the potential few it could go to, why so secret? An 18 year old is fine? A 14 year old? Illegal. Why? I ask why?

Male Sexualism understands age is not the issue, only a wall to be knocked over. We’ve made it an issue over decades and decades that has snowballed into the hell we’re in today. Puritanism will burn for what it has done but in the meantime you must embrace sex is for everyone. It’s bodies and faces. Bodies and faces. It’s not innocence and informed adulthood.

Understand sexual activity is for everyone who wants it. And you no longer should have the right to make mandates on it.


11 thoughts on “Male Sexualism and Age

  1. Hi! I think a good analogy to the defined and statute AoC is like the German autobahns (freeways/motorways), where there is no speed limit and drivers just drive as fast as they feel comfortable with. That the authorities there treat Germany’s road users as being sensible enough not to drive too fast for *their* ability. And with my quite extensive driving experience, almost everybody drives at what they are able to do and not beyond.

    Similarly, with the public railway (railroad) system, they trust one to buy a travel ticket and don’t check that you did. Also, in the stations there are, I believe, no CCTV cameras.

    For some reason our European cousins are generally more sophisticated and well behaved than in Britain and the United States. We seem to take liberties with the Law. Hence can we trust *not* having an Aoc?

    Thus Germany has some of the most lenient adult-child sex laws and also doesn’t require mental health etc professionals to report non-offending MAPs. Such a refreshing society compared with most others!

    Indeed, maybe Germany could be the location of Tom Gauer’s Male Sexualism Movement?

    Over to a possible reply….

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  2. Greetings!
    Yes! We have been saying all along that Humans are the same regardless of the body they occupy. All Humans have orgasms and it matters not if this pleases or displeases them. You have no choice.
    We all exist at they same time and it is this inescapable fact that makes us all equals. Many laws on Earth should not exist. All Humans are free to do whatever they desire as long as they do no harm to others or to their environment it should not be an issue.
    All Humans behave as they do based exclusively upon their personal desire, ability and intent. physical age, shape, race, gender, sexuality etc. of the body you are using is meaningless. All laws should not be based upon anything other than individual desire, ability and intent.

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  3. Greetings to you both.

    Yes, another receptive country could be the Netherlands, although I believe they have recently raised the AoC. I’m also thinking Turkey, as again I believe it has no CP law, though now becoming more an Islamic state rather than secular.

    Laws! Yes indeed, there are natural laws and the Anglo-Saxon ‘Common Law’.

    With the above boy of nine, with the large man-sized penis, the Law I think could use discretion if he used it anywhere pleasureable. To deny him his early orgasmic enjoyment is a defiance of Mother Nature and I suppose his Human Right.

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    1. Age of consent in Netherlands was 12 a while ago, now it’s 16. Ipce ( is based on Netherlands, by the way, so there’s that. It sounds promising, as I’m sure that some people who grew up in a time when sex at 12 was tolerated are now adults. I can’t believe they all hated those times.

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    2. A correction: actually, age of consent in Netherlands was 16, but, if the adolescent was 12+, the parents would decide if it was worth it or not to report. The adolescent also had means to file a complaint himself.

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  4. The best sexual years of a males life, are effectively made criminal by the laws of most jurisdictions.

    Males experience bursts of testosterone throughout their early life. This makes them very prone towards sexual exploration and activity.

    Males typically hit full on puberty, at twelve or thirteen…and spend the preceding years building up to it…Which can translate into them being sexually aroused on a daily basis, when they are ten, eleven…potentially earlier…all without having been “sexually molested” by anyone…all just occurring naturally, on its own.

    Males statistically hit their sexual peek at the age of eighteen…the same age at which they get cut loose by the law, to become sexually active…an incredibly stupid, disastrous social scheme, given that most males have now been deprived of anything to build them up to this, establishing some kind of familiarity, understanding and code of conduct relating to sexual activity…and they’re expected to transition smoothly, as they’re unchained into this…as their hormones continue to rage…

    …Of course…a lot of them promptly get charged, and convicted, of rape.

    There is a gross disparity between male sexuality, and female sexuality…in that females [the gender sex laws/culture were designed to cater to] reach their sexual peek at around thirty five years in age…decades after leaving behind their childhood and youth…Which is amongst the reasons why I’ve been arguing for years, that male sexuality needs to be treated different from female sexuality…and males need a legal, sexual freedom…because, virtually all of the most meaningful, intense and relevant sexual years of our lives happened during a combination of our childhood, and our teenage years…After we become legal, statistically…what happens for a great many males is that we hit the age of 22, or 23…and our sex drive plummets into oblivion.

    …It’s not exactly “over” over…but, “the real party is over”…if you know what I mean. There’s still some good times to be had…but it’s never going to be so good…And I think most males instinctually know [if they had sex during those early years of their life], that the best sexual years of their life are now in the past…And if you missed that window…you’ll never get to experience it.

    …I’ve always seen legally stripping a male of this amazing part of their life and being…as outright vulgar violation of a life.

    There are so many of us males who’ve been robbed of the opportunity to know, how glorious our sexuality should have been.

    …When you come to understand all the ramifications of this theft…you begin to realize how you will never be able to place a price on it…and you understand the tragedy of what has been lost.

    Keep in mind…from a historical and biological perspective…these are our natural years to be breeding, and we were evolutionally set up to be this way…It’s the cultures we are forced to live in, which have changed in such a way…as to find our natural sexuality inconvenient…and ridicule/punish it as something “evil” or “shameful”.

    The primary thrust of a males sexuality is, essentially, made criminal [and twisted into some type of false “mental disorder”]…which is why the dehumanizing laws and beliefs which inflict this status, must be brought down.

    Laws and practices of the sort which menace male sexuality for merely being what it is, will always hurt far more people than they help…

    …In my opinion…the true reason we are not seeing this more clearly…is because most people hurt by these laws and practices, are disenfranchised by the culture…and/or shamed and intimidated into the shadows, whether they violated the laws or not.

    Most people wont take an open stand, because they have to stand alone…and they know they will be easily misrepresented, in an overwhelming, hostile environment.

    …In addition…these laws and beliefs have been so pervasive and drowning…that they have gotten seared into the minds of the very same males they victimize…Most males live, psychologically broken by these laws and practices.

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