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Sometimes you got to let the people speak freely. Take it away…


I think MEN should be PROUD of their PENIS and PROUD to MASTURBATE and TALK ABOUT IT with OTHER MEN.

No longer should it be TABOO to talk about being HORNY. We were taught as boys that your PENIS is something to HIDE and that made us feel shameful about our PENIS. We felt BAD for having ERECTIONS and PLEASURING THEM. NO MORE!!

The PENIS and MASTURBATING are NOT something shameful to hide. Masturbating is not an ADDICTION. It’s a just what men DO. It’s not shameful…it’s BEAUTIFUL…and downright SPIRITUAL. I WORSHIP PENIS!!

MEN also like a lot of PORN. We just DO. We are visually stimulated, which is why PORN is so IMPORTANT to us. Women read romance novels to get aroused, yet no one makes them feel SHAMED for enjoying it!! Don’t let women OR society OR bullshit religions shame you for your LOVE of PORN. PORN IS BEAUTIFUL!! How is the aroused human body something to be shameful about? Nudity is NATURAL…ERECTIONS are NATURAL and it’s OK for MEN to like BOTH. It’s OK to want to SHARE that LOVE with OTHER MEN.



The men have gone to porn and masturbation. It’s where the pride has gone. He was probably giving the salute typing the last paragraph. That’s a turn on.

Is that problem?

The plot thickens.

Today I un-brainwashed a 10 year old about sex

A young friend (10 years old) who I normally do not discuss sexual topics with showed concern today when I spoke about chatting to a 8 year old.

10 year old boy: Are you gonna say anything bad?

ME: Bad as in…? What do you mean?

10 year old boy: As in about sex stuff.


I could have wept when I read that. Already this 10 year old has been programmed enough to know that sex stuff equals BAD STUFF.

So I corrected his record.

Me: Please do not say that sex stuff is bad stuff. It’s not. Sex is a very cool thing. Who told you sex was bad? Your parents? Your church?

10 year old boy: I don’t know I guess everyone. 

Not long after the both of us drooled over pics of boys and he asked for nudes.

Please go out there, mingle, talk to, and mentor to these people. They are out there asking for help cause their parents aren’t. No one is discussing male sexuality with them in a frank manner.

Do your part.


Make a difference.

Undo the shame!


In tribute to NO MA’AM, Our list of demands (for now)

Lately when my friend and I meet up, our evenings are filled  re-watching the Married With Children (1987-1997) series and pointing out all the things you can’t say or do anymore in the current sex-hate culture. It’s amazing this sitcom would be considered cutting edge and almost taboo even twenty years since its finale. I was too young to appreciate it back then. Now I find it a necessary cultural relic to learn from. They were teaching us something!

Grown men in the audience loudly dog whistling at the teenage daughter. Subtext incest. Family dysfunction. Genuine gender wars and bouncy tits. All of it not allowed in 2018 mainstream anymore.

But let us fear not. Just as the tv show’s ingenious NO MA’AM gag was, we should think of Male Sexuality as this de-centralized NO MA’AM force that rejects all puritanism-feminism policy against our male horny natures.


  1. Kids/Minors/Children/Teenagers should have access to sex shops, (brick and mortar and online alike), and should have access to all the condoms, lube, dildos, and masturbation toys their allowance can cover.
  2. Multiple partner marriages NOW. Multiple children. Multiple parents.
  3. Remove stigmas of teacher/student relationships. Stigmas on prisoner/guard relationships will be under review.
  4.  We’re gonna stop mixing ‘sexual activity’ with rape. Instead of saying grooming, we are saying seduction. Cause that’s what it is.  Grooming a stupid term to conjure negativity without gravitas.
  5. More sexting. More and more sexting. Sext with everyone regardless of age. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH NUDIES.

That’s all for now gentlemen.

The Homosexualized Christians are problematic

Softcore Christian 90’s

Those kids have grown up.

Christ and homos together in church is going mainstream.

So those boys watching Veggie Tales are now full blow Jesus loving cocksuckers. Leviticus be damned.


This soon to be monstrous puritan wing of the LGBT circle will wreak havoc upon us. They have the numbers, the white-knights, right and left wing, LGBT. Leave God out of it and it’s rotten already. Puritan-Feminism was in the sunday wine all this time and this crowd is ripe for all the sex laws. Softcore arena rock Christianity led to this. We laughed and laughed. Now what are we to do?